Main Toolbar

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The Main Toolbar provides access to the report editing commands in the Web Report Designer.


Clipboard Commands

Use these commands to place the selected elements in the clipboard and paste them onto the required report bands:

Command Icon Description
Cut web-designer-main-toolbar-cut Cuts the selected control to the clipboard.
Copy web-designer-main-toolbar-copy Copies the selected control to the clipboard.
Paste web-designer-main-toolbar-paste Pastes a control from the clipboard onto the selected report band.

Edit Commands

The following commands allow you to delete report elements and cancel previous actions:

Command Icon Description
Undo web-designer-main-toolbar-undo Cancels the last change made to the document.
Redo web-designer-main-toolbar-redo Reverses the last undo action.
Delete web-designer-main-toolbar-delete Deletes the selected control.

View Commands

Use the commands below to adjust the report zoom factor:

Command Icon Description
Zoom In web-designer-main-toolbar-zoom-in Increases the document’s current zoom factor by 5 percent.
Zoom Out web-designer-main-toolbar-zoom-out Decreases the document’s current zoom factor by 5 percent.
Zoom Factor web-designer-main-toolbar-zoom Zooms to a specific zoom factor selected from the dropdown list.

Mode Commands

The following commands enable you to toggle between Report Designer’s modes:

Command Icon Description
Full Screen web-designer-main-toolbar-fullscreen Switches to the Full Screen mode.
Preview web-designer-main-toolbar-preview Switches to the Preview mode.

Scripting Commands

Use the following command to invoke the Script Editor:

Command Icon Description
Scripts aspx-script-editor-scripts Invokes the Script Editor.

Validation Commands

The command below turns off the binding validation mode.

Command Icon Description
Validate Bindings Highlights report controls with invalid data bindings or incorrect expressions.