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.NET 6.0+

XpoDefault Properties

Provides global settings.
Name Description
ActiveConnectionString static Gets the connection string which is used by newly created connection providers.
CacheBehavior static Obsolete. Gets or sets the cache behavior.
ConnectionString static Gets or sets the string which is used to open a database, by default.
DataLayer static Gets or sets the default data access layer which is used by Session objects by default, to access a data store.
DataStoreAsyncBehavior static For internal use.
DefaultCaseSensitive static Specifies the default setting of the Session.CaseSensitive and XPDataView.CaseSensitive properties.
DefaultStringMappingFieldSize static Specifies the default size of the database column which the member’s data is stored in. The default value is 100.
Dictionary static Gets or sets metadata on the persistent objects in a data store.
IdentityMapBehavior static Gets or sets the Identity Map behavior used by Sessions by default.
IsObjectModifiedOnNonPersistentPropertyChange static Specifies whether or not a persistent object is marked modified when its non-persistent property value is changed.
MaxInSize static Gets the maximum optimal packet size (the number of operands in a packet) for the InOperator.Operands collection.
NullableBehavior static Specifies if nullable columns should be created when updating the database schema.
ObjectLayer static Specifies the default object access layer which is used by Session objects by default, to retrieve and update object data in a data store.
OptimisticLockingReadBehavior static Gets or sets a value which specifies how XPO behaves by default when reloading changed objects (objects with different versions).
Session static Gets or sets the default session.
TrackPropertiesModifications static Specifies the default value of the Session.TrackPropertiesModifications property of all Sessions.
UseFastAccessors static Gets or sets whether XPO uses its internal mechanism to create new instances of persistent classes, and to set and retrieve object property values.
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