.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Standard 2.0+

XpoDefault Fields

Provides global settings.

Name Description

Returns the name of the application configuration file's key that specifies the default connection string. You can add this key to the application configuration file, and specify a connection string. In case the connection string isn't defined in the application, the connection string specified by this key will be used instead of the XPO's default MS Access connection string.

CustomGuidGenerationHandler static

Specifies a Func<Guid> delegate called to generate a new GUID value. Refer to the GuidGenerationMode topic to see the example.


Returns the default Identity Map behavior. See IdentityMapBehavior for details.


Specifies the value which is assigned to the XpoDefault.OptimisticLockingReadBehavior property when it is set to the OptimisticLockingReadBehavior.Default value. By default, this field returns the OptimisticLockingReadBehavior.Mixed value.

GuidGenerationMode static

Specifies how globally unique identifiers are generated (if the KeyAttribute.AutoGenerate property is true). The default value is FrameworkDefault. To provide a custom Guid primary key generation algorithm, set this field to Custom and assign a Func<Guid> delegate to the XpoDefault.CustomGuidGenerationHandler field. Refer to the GuidGenerationMode topic to see the example.

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