.NET Standard 2.0+
.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Standard 2.0+

Session.SelectDataInTransactionAsync(XPClassInfo, CriteriaOperatorCollection, CriteriaOperator, CriteriaOperatorCollection, CriteriaOperator, Boolean, Int32, Int32, SortingCollection, CancellationToken) Method

Asynchronously retrieves objects from a session, according to specified query parameters. Accounts for all in-memory object changes.

Namespace: DevExpress.Xpo

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpo.v20.2.dll


public Task<List<object[]>> SelectDataInTransactionAsync(
    XPClassInfo classInfo,
    CriteriaOperatorCollection properties,
    CriteriaOperator criteria,
    CriteriaOperatorCollection groupProperties,
    CriteriaOperator groupCriteria,
    bool selectDeleted,
    int skipSelectedRecords,
    int topSelectedRecords,
    SortingCollection sorting,
    CancellationToken cancellationToken = default(CancellationToken)
Public Function SelectDataInTransactionAsync(
    classInfo As XPClassInfo,
    properties As CriteriaOperatorCollection,
    criteria As CriteriaOperator,
    groupProperties As CriteriaOperatorCollection,
    groupCriteria As CriteriaOperator,
    selectDeleted As Boolean,
    skipSelectedRecords As Integer,
    topSelectedRecords As Integer,
    sorting As SortingCollection,
    cancellationToken As CancellationToken = Nothing
) As Task(Of List(Of Object()))


Name Type Description
classInfo XPClassInfo

An XPClassInfo object that contains metadata information. This data specifies which objects need to be retrieved.

properties CriteriaOperatorCollection

A CriteriaOperatorCollection object which specifies object properties to be retrieved.

criteria CriteriaOperator

A CriteriaOperator descendant which specifies the objects to be retrieved.

groupProperties CriteriaOperatorCollection

A CriteriaOperatorCollection object which specifies the grouping properties.

groupCriteria CriteriaOperator

A CriteriaOperator descendant which specifies the grouping criteria for the retrieved objects.

selectDeleted Boolean

A Boolean value that specifies whether the objects marked as deleted must be retrieved.

skipSelectedRecords Int32

An integer value which specifies the number of objects to exclude when populating the list.

topSelectedRecords Int32

An integer value which specifies the maximum number of objects to be retrieved.

sorting SortingCollection

A SortingCollection object that specifies the sort order for the list of the retrieved objects.

Optional Parameters

Name Type Default Description
cancellationToken CancellationToken


A CancellationToken object that delivers a cancellation notice to the running operation.


Type Description

A Task that returns a list of object arrays. These object arrays represent object properties retrieved from a session.


This method is intended for internal use. To include in-memory changes into query results, get objects from a session using the XPCollection and XPView components with the Session.InTransactionMode enabled.

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