Upgrading Themes

Due to an ongoing commitment to improvement, the quality and the look & feel of our themes is subject to change and upgrades. As a result, custom themes created with older DevExpress versions may become incompatible with newer releases. It is for this reason that we support the Upgrade mechanism, which is designed to help you easily migrate to a newer DevExpress version.

There are two types of upgrades: minor and major. You can't open a theme if a minor upgrade of DevExpress WPF Controls is available. Complete the upgrade to continue working with a theme. To perform a major upgrade, open the required theme, navigate to the Upgrade Tab in Backstage View, choose the target version and click the Upgrade button.


After clicking the Upgrade button, the following dialog will appear. Click OK to upgrade your theme.


Once the theme is upgraded, the Theme Designer prompts you to display an upgrade log.