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SimpleButton.ImageOptions Property

Provides access to all properties that allow you to assign and customize an icon for this SimpleButton.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraEditors

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraEditors.v19.2.dll


public SimpleButtonImageOptions ImageOptions { get; }

Property Value

Type Description

A DevExpress.XtraEditors.SimpleButtonImageOptions object that stores all properties that allow you to assign and customize an icon for this SimpleButton.


The ImageOptions property groups all properties that allow you to assign and customize an icon for a UI element.

Typically, this group provides access to the following properties. Note that some of them can be unavailable for this specific class.







Properties that allow you to assign regular raster images from a local storage or DevExpress Image Gallery.




Traditional ...Image property counterparts that allow you to assign vector images.

Vector images support high-quality scaling, so the single SvgImage property replaces all one-size properties for traditional raster images (SmallImage, LargeImage, etc.). To resize a SVG image, use ...Size properties (see below).




Explicitly specify vector image sizes. These properties are ignored in case the icon size is managed internally or items provide other properties to control icon sizes.

For example, you can manually resize a BarItem vector icon when this item is hosted within a BarManager. However, should the same item belong to a Ribbon, custom size settings will not be in effect since the predominant property is BarItem.RibbonStyle.




Often provided by items' parent controls, these properties accept image collections, which store a complete icon set for all items. Once you specify such a collection, use the ...Index properties for each item to choose an icon (see below).





Use these properties to select a desired icon from the ...Images collection.


A unified resource identifier that allows your items to automatically choose the most suitable image from the Image Gallery based on the icon name, size and the currently applied application skin.


Specifies whether or not the Glyph Skinning feature is enabled. This feature works only for raster icons.


If a vector icon meets DevExpress color requirements, DevExpress controls can adjust this icon's colors according to the active application Skin. This property allows you to choose how this colorization works.

  • Default or Full - all compatible icons are colorized with default colorization engine settings.
  • CommonPalette - all compatible icons are colorized with colors stored in the "Icon Colors" section of a palette. Individual palettes that bar items, Accordion items, and other controls may have are ignored.
  • None - icons are never colorized and are shown as is.

The figure below illustrates an icon from the DevExpress Image Gallery as it appears in three bar items with different SvgImageColorizationMode settings. colorizationmode

The ImageOptions.Image property is equivalent to the SimpleButton.Image property.

The ImageOptions.ImageList property is equivalent to the SimpleButton.ImageList property.

The ImageOptions.ImageIndex property is equivalent to the SimpleButton.ImageIndex property.

The ImageOptions.ImageUri property is equivalent to the SimpleButton.ImageUri property.

The ImageOptions.AllowGlyphSkinning property is equivalent to the SimpleButton.AllowGlyphSkinning property.

The ImageOptions.Location property is equivalent to the SimpleButton.ImageLocation property.

The ImageOptions.ImageToTextAlignment property is equivalent to the SimpleButton.ImageToTextAlignment property.

The ImageOptions.ImageToTextIndent property is equivalent to the SimpleButton.ImageToTextIndent property.

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