SchedulerControl Events

The main control of the Scheduler suite which displays and manages calendar events (appointments).
Name Description
AppointmentAdded Occurs after the user has added an appointment to the Scheduler.
AppointmentAdding Occurs when the user adds an appointment to the Scheduler.
AppointmentDragEnter Occurs when the user drags back appointments that have been dragged out of the Scheduler or have been deserialized in the DeserializeAppointments event.
AppointmentDragLeave Occurs when the user drags appointments out of the Scheduler’s bounds.
AppointmentDragOver Raised repeatedly while the user drags appointments in the Scheduler control.
AppointmentDragStarting Occurs when the user starts dragging the selected appointment(s).
AppointmentDrop Occurs when the user drops appointments within a Scheduler’s view.
AppointmentDropCompleted Occurs after completing a drag and drop operation.
AppointmentRemoved Occurs after the user has removed an appointment.
AppointmentRemoving Occurs when the user removes an appointment.
AppointmentUpdated Occurs after the user has modified an appointment.
AppointmentUpdating Occurs when the user modifies an appointment.
DeserializeAppointments Occurs when the user drags appointments from an external source.
EditAppointmentDialogShowing Occurs before invoking the Edit Appointment dialog.
RemoveAppointmentDialogShowing Occurs before invoking the Confirm Delete dialog.
SerializeAppointments Allows you to serialize appointment that are being dragged by the user.
VisibleIntervalsChanged Occurs when changing the visible time cells interval.
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