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Windows 10 App Controls

  • 2 minutes to read

Windows 10 App Controls is a package of DevExpress technologies that help you to quickly begin developing Universal Apps for Windows 10. These controls provide functionality that is specific to the Windows UI and is common to writing business applications.

The main benefits of using DevExpress Win10 App Controls:

  • you can write your application with these controls using XAML/C# or XAML/VB, and deploy the application to various devices: PCs, notebooks, slates, phones, transformers, etc.;
  • you can easily implement an application layout and all interface elements that are specific to Windows 10 because we already have these controls for you;
  • with our controls, you will easily deliver the Windows UI style (former METRO style) to your applications because all our controls have a set of predefined Windows UI themes.


The minimum platform version for UWP applications that use DevExpress Win10 App Controls is Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (10.0; Build 16299).


This documentation contains the following sections.

  • Prerequisites

    Describes system requirements before you install this product on a development machine.

  • Getting Started

    Introduces common information on using DevExpress Win10 App Controls.

  • Controls

    Contains documentation for each product included in this suite.

  • Localization

    Provides information on how to localize Win10 App Controls into various languages.

  • Get More Help

    Describes alternative information sources on using DevExpress products and services.

  • Themes and Color Schemes

    Provides information on how to customize the color scheme of your application.

  • API Reference

    Contains a description of the product’s public API.