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MasterDetailPageContent Members

Allows you to implement the Master-Detail Pattern.


Name Description

Initializes a new instance of the MasterDetailPageContent class.


Name Description
AllowBackButtonProperty static
AlwaysShowContentPaneInSideBySideStateProperty static
EnableAdaptiveLayoutProperty static

Identifies the MasterDetailPageContent.EnableAdaptiveLayout dependency property.

EnableSplitterProperty static

Identifies the MasterDetailPageContent.EnableSplitter dependency property.

ExtendSplitterAreaForTouchProperty static
IsContentPaneVisibleProperty static

Identifies the MasterDetailPageContent.IsContentPaneVisible dependency property.

MasterPaneBackgroundProperty static

Identifies the MasterDetailPageContent.MasterPaneBackground dependency property.

MasterPaneMaxWidthInSideBySideStateProperty static

Identifies the MasterDetailPageContent.MasterPaneMaxWidthInSideBySideState dependency property.

MasterPaneMinWidthInSideBySideStateProperty static

Identifies the MasterDetailPageContent.MasterPaneMinWidthInSideBySideState dependency property.

MasterPaneProperty static

Identifies the MasterDetailPageContent.MasterPane dependency property.

MasterPaneWidthInSideBySideStateProperty static

Identifies the MasterDetailPageContent.MasterPaneWidthInSideBySideState dependency property.

SplitterModeProperty static

Identifies the MasterDetailPageContent.SplitterMode dependency property.

StackedStateThresholdProperty static

Identifies the MasterDetailPageContent.StackedStateThreshold dependency property.

ThresholdModeProperty static

Identifies the MasterDetailPageContent.ThresholdMode dependency property.

ViewStateProperty static

Identifies the MasterDetailPageContent.ViewState dependency property.


Name Description

Gets or sets whether to enable the adaptive layout behavior.


Gets or sets whether to enable the splitter that allows end-users to change the relative width of the master and content areas. This is a dependency property.


Gets or sets whether the content pane is visible.


Gets or sets the control used as the master pane content.


Gets or sets the brush used to paint the background of the master pane.


Gets or sets the maximum width, in pixels, of the master pane in the SideBySide display mode.


Gets or sets the minimum width, in pixels, of the master pane in the SideBySide display mode.


Gets or sets the current width, in pixels, of the master pane in the SideBySide display mode.


Returns a command that shows the content pane.


Gets or sets the splitter's display mode.


Gets or sets the width, in pixels, at which the Master-Detail Pattern is automatically displayed in the Stacked state.


Gets or sets whether the stacked state threshold is the total width of master and content panes or the width of the content pane.


Gets or sets the current display mode.


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