ChartBase Members

The base class for chart controls.


Name Description
ChartBase() Initializes a new instance of the ChartBase class with default settings.


Name Description
AnimateOnLoadingProperty static Identifies the ChartBase.AnimateOnLoading dependency property.
LegendProperty static Identifies the ChartBase.Legend dependency property.
PaletteProperty static Identifies the ChartBase.Palette dependency property.
SelectionModeProperty static Identifies the ChartBase.SelectionMode dependency property.
ToolTipEnabledProperty static Identifies the ChartBase.ToolTipEnabled dependency property.


Name Description
ActualPalette Gets the actual palette of a chart.
AnimateCommand Returns a command that starts animation of a chart's contents.
AnimateOnLoading Gets or sets a value indicating if chart contents should be animated on chart loading.
Legend Gets the chart control's legend and provides access to its settings.
Palette Gets or sets the palette which is used to draw the chart's series.
SelectionMode Specifies the selection mode for chart series.
Series Provides access to the chart control's collection of series objects.
ToolTipEnabled Gets or sets a value that specifies whether or not a tooltip is enabled for a chart.


Name Description
Animate(Double) Starts animating chart series after the specified delay.
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Name Description
SelectionChanged Occurs when the chart selection is changed.
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