AxisTitle Members

Defines the common settings of an axis title.


Name Description

Initializes a new instance of the AxisTitle class with default settings.


Name Description
AlignmentProperty static

Identifies the AxisTitle.Alignment dependency property.

ContentProperty static

Identifies the AxisTitle.Content dependency property.

ContentTemplateProperty static

Identifies the AxisTitle.ContentTemplate dependency property.

VisibleProperty static

Identifies the AxisTitle.Visible dependency property.


Name Description

Gets or sets the alignment of the axis title.


Gets or sets the title's content. This is a dependency property.


Gets or sets the template that defines the presentation of the title's content, represented by the AxisTitle.Content property.


Gets or sets a value indicating whether the axis title is visible.


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Name Description

Occurs every time any of the ChartElement class properties has changed its value.

(Inherited from ChartElement)
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