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Appearance Customization

Common Properties

You can use the following properties to customize the appearance of a Bar/Toolbar/Ribbon:

  • Background
  • BorderBrush
  • BorderThickness
  • CornerRadius
  • Foreground
  • Margin
  • Padding


Use the BarItem.Triggers property to customize a BarItem‘s appearance properties based on a condition. When you apply the standard WPF styles and triggers to the BarItem, triggers do not customize the appearance of bound BarItemLinks independently. The BarItem.Triggers property checks the trigger condition for each BarItemLink that is bound to the BarItem.


For more information on the bar item structure, refer to the following help topic: Items and Links.


The BarSplitButtonItem control consists of a command with a down arrow. You can use appearance properties inherited from the BarItem control to specify the appearance of the BarSplitButtonItem command part.

Use the following properties to specify the arrow appearance:


You can customize the RibbonPage‘s / RibbonPageGroup‘s content and header areas.

The following table lists customization properties/styles used to define the appearance of a Ribbon’s visual element:

Visual Element Properties or Style
RibbonPage content ContentBorderStyle
RibbonPage header Common appearance properties
RibbonPageGroup content Common appearance properties
RibbonPageGroup header HeaderBorderStyle