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Measure Units in Word Documents

You can select a single unit of measurement to specify various distance values of a document (page width and height, margins, etc.). Set the Document.Unit property to one of the following values:

Unit of Measurement Description
Document Default property value. A document unit corresponds to 1/300 of an inch. Internal calculations are currently performed using this unit of measurement.
Centimeter Centimeter (1 inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters)
Inch Inch
Millimeter Millimeter (10 millimeters are equal to 1 centimeter)
Point Point (1 inch is equal to 72 points)

Measure Units in the WordProcessing Document

The Document.Unit property value determines the units of measurements in the following cases:

Document elements on the document layout level are measured in DocumentLayoutUnit.Twip (1 inch is equal to 1440 twips) on Windows OS, on Linux OS - in DocumentLayoutUnit.Pixel. This measurement is used when you determine the layout elements’ coordinates. (the LayoutElementBase.Bounds property).


Use the DevExpress.Office.Utils.Units class methods to convert units of measurements.