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Field Codes

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Word Processing Document API supports the following field codes:

Field Name Functionality
AUTHOR Inserts the name of a person or organization who created the document.
COMMENTS Inserts the document notes.
CREATEDATE Inserts the current date and time. After a mail merge the field is replaced with the date and time of the mail merge operation.
DATE Inserts the current date and time.
DOCPROPERTY Inserts the value of the document property specified by the field parameter.
DOCVARIABLE Enables you to programmatically insert complex content when this field is updated.
HYPERLINK Enables you to navigate to another location or to a bookmark.
IF Compares two values and inserts the text according to the results of the comparison.
INCLUDEPICTURE Inserts the specified image.
KEYWORDS Inserts the document keywords or tags.
LASTSAVEDBY Inserts the name of the last person who modified and saved the document.
MERGEFIELD Retrieves a value from the bound data source.
NUMPAGES Inserts the total number of pages.
PAGE Inserts the number of the page containing the field.
PRINTDATE Inserts the date and time that a document was last printed.
REF Inserts bookmarked text or graphics.
REVNUM Inserts the number of document revisions.
SAVEDATE Inserts a date and time a document was last saved.
SECTIONPAGES Inserts the total number of pages in a section.
SEQ Provides sequential numbering in the document.
STYLEREF Inserts text that is formatted with the specified style.
SUBJECT Inserts the document topic of content.
SYMBOL Inserts a symbol.
TC Defines entries for the table of contents.
TEMPLATE Inserts the name of a template attached to the document.
TIME Inserts the current time.
TITLE Inserts the document title.
TOC Builds a table of contents.

Formatting Options

The following format switches are supported: