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Mixed field

{ INCLUDEPICTURE “picture’s URI“ [ switch ] }

Inserts the picture retrieved from the specified URI.

The INCLUDEPICTURE field supports the following switch:

Switch Description
\d Enables you to not store the image in a document file.

The {INCLUDEPICTURE "C:\\TMP\\Mypicture.png" \d} field retains a link to the picture, but the picture itself is not included in the saved document. The \d switch is useful for storing document templates, which retrieve images from an external source, such as a database.

When a field is updated, the IUriStreamService.GetStream method is called. This method calls the IUriStreamProvider.GetStream methods of registered providers to obtain a stream of image data. Subsequent calls are made until a successful result is obtained. The order of calls is the order in which providers registered. By default, there is only one provider that enables you to load an image from the specified URI by performing a web request.

This stream is used by internal RichEdit objects to create a OfficeImage instance via the OfficeImage.CreateImage method.

You can create a class implementing the IUriStreamProvider interface and define the IUriStreamProvider.GetStream method as required to provide image data for a custom URI, which can be a string in your own arbitrary format.