SimpleButton Members

A simple button.


Name Description
SimpleButton() Initializes a new instance of the SimpleButton class.


Name Description
BorderColorProperty static Identifies the BorderColor dependency property.
BorderThicknessProperty static Identifies the BorderThickness dependency property.
CommandParameterProperty static Identifies the CommandParameter dependency property.
CommandProperty static Identifies the Command dependency property.
ContentProperty static Identifies the Content dependency property.
CornerModeProperty static Identifies the CornerMode dependency property.
CornerRadiusProperty static Identifies the CornerRadius dependency property.
DisabledBackgroundColorProperty static Identifies the DisabledBackgroundColor dependency property.
DisabledBorderColorProperty static Identifies the DisabledBorderColor dependency property.
DisabledIconColorProperty static Identifies the DisabledIconColor dependency property.
DisabledTextColorProperty static Identifies the DisabledTextColor dependency property.
FontAttributesProperty static Identifies the FontAttributes dependency property.
FontFamilyProperty static Identifies the FontFamily dependency property.
FontSizeProperty static Identifies the FontSize dependency property.
IconColorProperty static Identifies the IconColor dependency property.
IconHorizontalPositionProperty static Identifies the IconHorizontalPosition dependency property.
IconIndentProperty static Identifies the IconIndent dependency property.
IconProperty static Identifies the Icon dependency property.
IconVisibleProperty static Identifies the IconVisible dependency property.
IsPressedProperty static Identifies the IsPressed dependency property.
IsPressedPropertyKey static
PaddingProperty static Identifies the Padding dependency property.
PressedBackgroundColorProperty static Identifies the PressedBackgroundColor dependency property.
PressedBorderColorProperty static Identifies the PressedBorderColor dependency property.
PressedIconColorProperty static Identifies the PressedIconColor dependency property.
PressedTextColorProperty static Identifies the PressedTextColor dependency property.
ShowShadowProperty static Identifies the ShowShadow dependency property.
TextColorProperty static Identifies the TextColor dependency property.
TextProperty static Identifies the Text dependency property.
UseRippleEffectProperty static Identifies the UseRippleEffect dependency property.


Name Description
BorderColor Gets or sets the color of the button borders.
BorderThickness Gets or sets the thickness of the button borders.
Command Specifies the command that is executed when a user taps the button.
CommandParameter Specifies the parameter passed to the Command.
Content Gets or sets the custom content of the button.
CornerMode Gets or sets whether button corners are rounded or cut.
CornerRadius Specifies the button corner radius.
DisabledBackgroundColor Specifies the background color of the button in a disabled state.
DisabledBorderColor Specifies the border color of the button in a disabled state.
DisabledIconColor Specifies the icon color for the button in a disabled state.
DisabledTextColor Gets or sets the caption text color of the button in a disabled state.
FontAttributes Specifies whether the button caption is bold or italic.
FontFamily Specifies the button text font name.
FontSize Specifies the button text font size.
Icon Specifies the button icon image.
IconColor Specifies the button icon color for the button in an unpressed state.
IconHorizontalPosition Specifies a button's icon horizontal position relative to button captions.
IconIndent Specifies a distance between the button icon and caption.
IconVisible Specifies the button icon visibility.
IsPressed Gets whether the button is in a pressed state.
Padding Gets or sets the distance between the button caption and borders.
PressedBackgroundColor Specifies the background of the button in a pressed state.
PressedBorderColor Specifies the border color of the button in a pressed state.
PressedIconColor Specifies the icon color for the button in a disabled state.
PressedTextColor Gets or sets the color of button text in a pressed state.
ShowShadow Gets or sets the button shadow visibility.
Text A button's caption.
TextColor A button's caption color.
UseRippleEffect Gets or sets whether the ripple animation effect is used.


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Equals(Object) Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object. Inherited from Object.
Equals(Object, Object) static Determines whether the specified object instances are considered equal. Inherited from Object.
GetHashCode() Serves as the default hash function. Inherited from Object.
GetType() Gets the Type of the current instance. Inherited from Object.
MemberwiseClone() protected Creates a shallow copy of the current Object. Inherited from Object.
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Name Description
Clicked Occurs when a user taps and releases the button.
Pressed Occurs when a user taps the button.
Released Occurs when a user releases the button.
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