RangeBarSeries Properties

Displays data as bars grouped by arguments. Each bar shows the range between two data values for each argument value.
Name Description
AxisX Gets or sets an axis X for the series. Inherited from Series.
AxisY Gets or sets a numeric axis Y for the series. Inherited from Series.
BarWidth Specifies the width of a bar, in axis units. Inherited from BarSeriesBase.
ColorEach Indicates whether series bars are drawn in different colors. Inherited from BarSeriesBase.
Data Inherited from BarSeriesBase.
DisplayName Gets or sets the name that the series uses in a legend and text patterns. Inherited from SeriesBase.
HintOptions Inherited from Series.
Label Gets or sets the series label settings.
LegendTextPattern Gets or sets a text pattern that configures strings the series provides for legend items. Inherited from SeriesBase.
Style Specifies the bar series appearance. Inherited from BarSeriesBase.
Visible Gets or sets whether the series is visible in a chart. Inherited from SeriesBase.
VisibleInLegend Gets or sets whether the legend shows legend items for the series. Inherited from SeriesBase.
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