ConstantLineTitle Class

Stores constant line title settings.

Namespace: DevExpress.XamarinForms.Charts

Assembly: DevExpress.XamarinForms.Charts.dll


public class ConstantLineTitle :

Returned By

The ConstantLineBase.Title property returns an instance of ConstantLineTitle.


The ConstantLineTitle class properties define the common settings of a constant line title:

  • Text - Specifies the constant line title text.
  • Style - Provides access to the title text appearance settings (text color and size).
  • Visible - Allows you to show and hide the constant line title.
  • Alignment - Specifies the constant line title alignment.
  • ShowBelowLine - Specifies whether the title is displayed below or above the constant line.

To create and configure a constant line title, assign a ConstantLineTitle object with the specified properties to the constant line's Title property.


This example shows how to add a constant line to a numeric y-axis, customize its appearance and show it in the chart legend. To do this, add a NumericConstantLine object with the specified properties to the NumericAxisY.ConstantLines collection.

NumericAxisY Constant Line

              <dxc:NumericConstantLine AxisValue="100" ShowBehind="False" 
                                       VisibleInLegend="True" LegendText="Constant Line Sample">
                  <!-- Customize the constant line title. -->
                      <dxc:ConstantLineTitle Text="Constant Line Sample" ShowBelowLine="True" Alignment="Far">
                                      <dxc:TextStyle Color="DarkBlue" Size="24"/>
                  <!-- Customize the constant line appearance. -->
                      <dxc:ConstantLineStyle Thickness="3"/>


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