ASPxDashboard Events

A Web Dashboard control, which allows you to create new dashboards from scratch and display them to end-users.

Name Description

Allows you to hide specific dashboard items when exporting the entire dashboard.

CallbackError static Allows you to handle any server exception that might occur during server-side processing of a callback sent by a DevExpress web control.
(Inherited from ASPxWebControl)

Allows you to customize connection settings before the ASPxDashboard connects to a data store (database, OLAP cube, etc.).


Allows you to set a time interval that specifies how frequently the Web Dashboard should refill its in-memory cache when a user sends a data request.


Allows you to configure how the dashboard item's client data is calculated.


Allows overriding the default behavior when current connection parameters do not allow connecting to a data store.


Occurs before a custom assembly is loaded for use as DashboardEFDataSource.


Fires when a round trip to the server has been initiated by a call to the client ASPxClientDashboard.PerformDataCallback method.


Allows you to customize the exported document.


Allows you to include WHERE clauses into DashboardSqlDataSource queries.


Enables you to supply any server data that can then be parsed on the client.


Provides the capability to substitute the default palette containing colors used to paint dashboard item elements.


Occurs before data is loaded from the data store and allows you to change parameter values before they are passed to a data query.


Allows you to customize the exported document.


Allows you to add a new dashboard to the dashboard storage at runtime.


Allows you to load a dashboard at runtime.


Allows you to save a dashboard at runtime.

DataBinding Occurs when the server control binds to a data source.
(Inherited from Control)

Allows you to provide data for the DashboardObjectDataSource.

Disposed Occurs when a server control is released from memory, which is the last stage of the server control lifecycle when an ASP.NET page is requested.
(Inherited from Control)

Provides the capability to change options used to extract data from Microsoft Excel workbooks (XLS, XLSX or XLSM files) or CSV files.

Init Occurs when the server control is initialized, which is the first step in its lifecycle.
(Inherited from Control)
Load Occurs when the server control is loaded into the Page object.
(Inherited from Control)
PreRender Occurs after the Control object is loaded but prior to rendering.
(Inherited from Control)

Allows you to specify dashboards available in the dashboard storage.


Allows you to specify the initial dashboard state when loading a dashboard.

Unload Occurs when the server control is unloaded from memory.
(Inherited from Control)

Provides the capability to check the validity of the custom SQL query used to supply the dashboard with data.


Raises when a user requests underlying data from the client and allows you to validate which columns should be returned.

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