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The DevExpress Dashboard allows you to paint dashboard item elements such as chart series points or pie segments.


Supported Dashboard Items

You can paint the following dashboard items:

  • Chart
  • Scatter Chart
  • Pie
  • Pie Map
  • Range Filter
  • Treemap

Color Scheme Overview

The dashboard supports two ways to color dashboard item elements:

Clobal Color Scheme

A Global Color Scheme uses consistent colors for identical values across the dashboard. The image below shows a dashboard that contains Pie and Chart dashboard items. Pie segments and chart series points that correspond to Wisconsin, Oregon and Idaho dimension values use identical colors from the default palette.

Wen Dashboard - Global Color Scheme

For a global color scheme, the dashboard reserves automatically generated colors for specific values regardless of the filter state.

Local Color Scheme

A Local Color Scheme uses an independent set of colors for each dashboard item. The image below shows Pie segments that use colors from a local color scheme. These colors do not affect the Chart item that uses a global scheme.

Web Dashboard - Local Color Scheme

For a Local color scheme, the dashboard reassigns palette colors when the filter state is changed.


The local color scheme paints dashboard item elements more quickly because the control does not request all possible colors and requests only colors used in the current item.

Color Measures and Dimensions

You can use predefined color modes to paint individual dimensions or all measures in a dashboard item.

The following color settings are available:

Web Color Mode Option WinForms Color Mode Option Description
Auto Default Enables or disables coloring depending on the dashboard item’s type. For example, for TreeMap arguments and Chart series, Default means On/Hue. For Chart arguments, Default means Off/None.
On Hue Elements use different colors.
Off None Elements use the same color.


Refer to the following help topics for more information on how to configure color variation in the WinForms Designer or on the web: