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The Grid dashboard item allows you to customize its layout in various ways. You can manage the width of grid columns, specify the visibility of column headers, enable cell merging, etc.

To do this, use the Layout and Column Width Mode groups in the Design Ribbon tab of the Grid Tools contextual tab set.


Column Width Modes

The Grid dashboard item allows you to manage column widths using different modes. Use buttons in the Column Width Mode group to manage the column width modes.


The following modes are available.

AutoFit to Contents

The grid adjusts columns to the minimum width required to completely display their content automatically. If the entire content cannot be displayed within the dashboard item, horizontal scrolling is enabled.

To enable this mode in code, set the GridOptions.ColumnWidthMode property to GridColumnWidthMode.AutoFitToContents.

AutoFit to Grid

The grid adjusts the width of all columns to fit their content in an optimal way. If you are changing the size of the dashboard item, the width of columns is changed proportionally.

In code, set the GridOptions.ColumnWidthMode property to GridColumnWidthMode.AutoFitToGrid.


The grid allows you to adjust column widths manually. In code, set the GridOptions.ColumnWidthMode property to GridColumnWidthMode.Manual.

In this mode, you can adjust the width of individual columns in the following ways.

Column Header

Use the Column Headers button to toggle column header visibility.


To manage header visibility in code, use the GridOptions.ShowColumnHeaders property.

Cell Merging

The Grid allows you to merge neighboring cells with identical values . To do this, use the Merge Cells button.



Note that the Web Dashboard does not support cell merging.


Banded rows are not available when cell merging is enabled.

In code, use the GridOptions.AllowCellMerge property.

Word Wrapping

The word wrapping feature enables the capability to display cell content on multiple lines if the size of a dashboard item is insufficient to completely display the cell content on a single line.



The word wrapping feature is not in effect when the AutoFit to Contents column width mode is enabled.

In code, use the GridOptions.WordWrap property to enable this capability.