Overridden Base Member

The Overridden Base Member provider navigates to a base member overridden by the current one.

How to Use

  • Place the caret in an overridden member.

  • Press Ctrl + Alt + N to invoke the Jump To window.

  • Select Overridden Base Member and press Enter.


  • Choose an item from the location list and press Enter.



If there is only one overridden base member, CodeRush navigates directly there.

CodeRush closes the Jump To window and navigates to the overridden base member.


Filter Search Results

  • Press the Ctrl key to switch to filter mode in the invoked Jump To window.



Press Ctrl again to get back to the search mode.

  • Use one of the following keys to filter search results:

    1) Press S to show results that are located in a current solution.

    2) Press M to show results that are located in referenced assemblies.

    3) Press O to show results that are located in open files.

    4) Press A to show all results.

View Search Results in the References Window

Refer to the corresponding section of the Navigate to topic.