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Base Types

The Base Types provider allows you to navigate up the inheritance hierarchy to a base type.

How to Use

  • Place the caret in a class, structure, enumeration declaration or reference.
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + N to invoke the Jump To window.
  • Select Base Types and press Enter.


    You can see the entire ancestral hierarchy of your nominated type, including interfaces.


  • Select an item in the search result list and press Enter.

    CodeRush closes the Jump to window and navigates to the selected base type.


Filter Search Results

  • Press the Ctrl key to switch to filter mode in the invoked Jump To window. Filter

Press Ctrl again to get back to the search mode.

  • Use one of the following keys to filter search results:

    1) Press S to show results that are located in a current solution.

    2) Press M to show results that are located in referenced assemblies.

    3) Press O to show results that are located in open files.

    4) Press A to show all results.

View Search Results in the References Window

Refer to the corresponding section of the Navigate to topic.