DXCore Visualize Toolbar

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The DXCore Visualize toolbar provides easy access to CodeRush Classic visualization tools. The toolbar enables you to turn CodeRush Classic visualization features on or off, clean up the active file, clear the solution cache, move the program execution flow to the member under the caret, and change the active option scheme. The green circle at the bottom-right corner of a button indicates that the corresponding feature is enabled (btnStructuralHighlightingOn).


The following toolbar buttons enable or disable the respective features.

Button Feature
btnCodeIssues Code Analysis
btnSpellChecker Spell Checker
btnMemberIcons Member Icons
btnFlowBreakIndicators Flow Break Evaluation
btnShowMetrics Code Metrics
btnStructuralHighlighting Structural Highlighting
btnRegionPainting Region Painting
btnRightMarginLine Right Margin Line
btnLineHighlighter Line Highlighter
btnCommentPainter Comment Painter
btnXmlDocComments XML Doc Comment Painter

The following buttons execute the respective actions.

  • btnRunActiveTest - executes active tests
  • btnRunAllTests - executes all tests in the entire solution
  • btnDebugActiveTest - executes active tests in the debug mode
  • btnRepeatLastTest - repeats the last test execution
  • btnStopTestExecution - stops running tests
  • btnDisableCodeRush Classic - disables all CodeRush Classic features for the current solution
  • btnClearSolutionCache - clears the solution cache
  • btnCleanupActiveFile - executes Code Cleanup and Member Organization for the active file
  • btnStepIntoMember - moves program execution flow to the member under the caret when debugging the program

The combobox to the right of the toolbox (hidden by default) allows you to change the current options scheme quickly.


This product is designed for outdated versions of Visual Studio. Although Visual Studio 2015 is supported, consider using the CodeRush extension with Visual Studio 2015 or higher.