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BuilderFactoryRichEditExtensions.RichEdit(BuilderFactory, String) Method

An extension method of the BuilderFactoryRichEditExtensions class required to create a Rich Text Editor builder.

Namespace: DevExpress.AspNetCore

Assembly: DevExpress.AspNetCore.RichEdit.v24.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.AspNetCore.RichEdit


public static RichEditBuilder RichEdit(
    this BuilderFactory factory,
    string name


Name Type Description
factory BuilderFactory

The BuilderFactory‘ instance this method extends.

name String

An identifier for the element representing the Rich Text Editor on the page.


Type Description

An object required to build the Rich Text Editor.


Use this extension method to create a Rich Text Editor. The element’s identifier is specified using the value passed as the name parameter.

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