ASP.NET Core Controls

This section provides information on DevExpress controls that you can use in ASP.NET Core applications. The following control categories are available: DevExtreme HTML5/JS widgets, Reporting for ASP.NET Core, Dashboard for ASP.NET Core, Rich Text Editor for ASP.NET Core, and Spreadsheet for ASP.NET Core.

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DevExtreme HTML5/JS-based Widgets

The DevExtreme HTML5/JS-based client-side widgets support MVC Razor syntax and target the latest version of ASP.NET MVC & ASP.NET Core frameworks. The following widgets are available:

Refer to DevExtreme Documentation to see the full list of available widgets.

Getting Started

You can create an ASP.NET Core Application using the DevExtreme ASP.NET Core Application template to include all the resources ASP.NET Core widgets require.

DevExtreme Project Template

To find out how to add the required resource to an existing ASP.NET Core project, read this article.

Reporting for ASP.NET Core

DevExpress Reporting is a feature-complete reporting platform that enables you to create reporting applications. Refer Get Started with DevExpress Reporting topics to find more information about DevExpress Reporting.

Getting Started

Refer to the ASP.NET Core Reporting section in DevExpress Documentation to see the following information about DevExpress Reporting for ASP.NET Core:

Dashboard for ASP.NET Core

DevExpress Dashboard provides you with the capability to create interactive data visualization for an ASP.NET Core application. See the Basic Concepts and Terminology section in DevExpress Documentation to walk through the main concepts and terminology related to the DevExpress Dashboard.

Getting Started

The following tutorials describe how to create a new ASP.NET Core project with the ASP.NET Core Dashboard:

For instructions on how to integrate this extension into an existing project, see Integrating the Dashboard Extension into a Project.

When the project is ready, you can refer to the ASP.NET Core MVC Dashboard Control section in the documentation. The section navigates to topics that describe how to configure a Web Dashboard in an ASP.NET Core web application.

Rich Text Editor for ASP.NET Core

The DevExpress Rich Text Editor for ASP.NET Core is a word-processing tool designed for working with rich text documents of various formats. The control is provided as a Community Technology Preview.

Getting Started

To start work the ASP.NET Core Rich Text Editor, read the Getting Started with the Rich Text Editor for ASP.NET Core guideline.

Spreadsheet for ASP.NET Core

The DevExpress Spreadsheet for ASP.NET Core is an Excel-inspired control that allows you to introduce spreadsheet functionality to an ASP.NET Core application. The control is provided as a Community Technology Preview.

Getting Started

The Getting Started with the Spreadsheet for ASP.NET Core topic describes how to install the required packages and begin working with the ASP.NET Core Spreadsheet control.