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Configure a Visual Studio Project

You can create a new project from templates or add DevExtreme to an existing project.

Create a New Project from Templates

DevExtreme-based ASP.NET Core controls offer several project templates. Each template does the following:

  • includes (or automatically restores) all scripts and libraries required for DevExtreme-based ASP.NET Core controls;
  • provides an example of how to configure the DataGrid control.
Template Name Description
DevExtreme Responsive ASP.NET Core Application
(Recomended to use)
This template creates a responsive application that:
- has a navigation layout based on the Drawer control;
- is styled with a custom theme using color swatches.
Refer to the blog for more information.
DevExtreme ASP.NET Core Application (.NET Core)
DevExtreme ASP.NET Core Application (.NET Framework)
Two templates that allow you to create an application built on Bootstrap 4.
You can choose a template based on the platform: .NET Core or .NET Framework.

You can access a template:

  • In the standard New Project dialog. Project Templates

  • In the DevExpress Template Gallery.

    To run the DevExpress Template Gallery, select the DevExpress v19.1 Template Gallery item in the New Project dialog and click Next.

    Open Template Gallery

    In the Template Gallery, choose the ASP.NET Core platform and the desired template.

    Template Gallery

When you select the template, Visual Studio creates a project with the DataGrid control. You can also add other controls to a project.

Add DevExtreme to an Existing Project

Follow the steps below to configure an existing project to use DevExtreme-based ASP.NET Core controls:

  1. Open your project in Visual Studio. See Prerequisites for information on the supported Visual Studio versions.

  2. Right-click your project in the Solution Explorer window and select Add DevExtreme to the Project in the menu.

    Project Converter Context Menu Item

  3. In the invoked dialog box, click OK.

    Project Converter Confirmation Dialog

  4. Wait a few seconds while DevExtreme and its dependencies are added. This process is logged in the Output window.

    Project Converter Output Window

After that, you can add controls to a page.