Expanding and Collapsing Detail Rows

To access detail data, an end-user must expand a data row by clicking on its expand button.

By default, end-users can expand several master rows simultaneously. This behavior is controlled by the ASPxGridViewDetailSettings.AllowOnlyOneMasterRowExpanded option. If this option is enabled, only one detail row can be displayed at a time.

To display and/or hide detail data in code, use the ASPxGridView.DetailRows property. This property returns the WebDataDetailRows object, whose methods allow you to expand/collapse individual detail rows and all rows simultaneously, obtain the number of visible detail rows, etc.

Bootstrap Grid View provides multiple client methods that allow you to expand and/or collapse detail rows on the client.

Expanding/Collapsing Individual Detail Rows

Expanding/Collapsing All Detail Rows

Each time a detail row is expanded or collapsed, the ASPxGridView.DetailsChanged event is raised.