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RichEditCommands.changeTableBordersAndShading Property

Gets a command to change the selected table's borders and shading.


readonly changeTableBordersAndShading: ChangeTableBordersAndShadingCommand

Property Value

Type Description

A ChangeTableBordersAndShadingCommand object that provides methods for executing the command and checking its state.


You can invoke this command by calling the execute method.

The execute method checks the command state (obtained using the getState method) before executing, and decides whether the action can be performed. The execute and getState methods are members of the ChangeTableBordersAndShadingCommand class.

The command includes size parameters assigned in twips. Use the ASPxClientRichEdit.unitConverter to convert size measure units (inches, points, pixels, centimeters) to twips.

Usage example:

var topBordersSettings = {color: "red", width: richEdit.unitConverter.pointsToTwips(0.25), style: ASPx.BorderLineStyle.Dashed};
richEdit.commands.changeTableBordersAndShading.execute({top: topBordersSettings, backgroundColor: "green"}, true)
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