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ASPxClientGantt Methods

A client-side equivalent of the ASPxGantt control.
Name Description
AdjustControl Modifies the control’s size against the control’s container. Inherited from ASPxClientControl.
AdjustControls static Modifies the controls size within the specified container. Inherited from ASPxClientControl.
AssignResourceToTask(resourceKey, taskKey) Assigns a resource to a task.
Cast(obj) static Converts the specified object to the current object’s type. Inherited from ASPxClientControl.
CollapseAll Collapses all tasks.
CollapseTask(key) Collapses the specified parent task.
DeleteDependency(key) Deletes a dependency.
DeleteResource(key) Deletes a resource.
DeleteTask(key) Deletes a task.
ExpandAll Expands all tasks.
ExpandTask(key) Expands the specified task.
ExportToPdf(options) Exports Gantt chart data to a PDF document.
GetClientVisible Obsolete. Returns a value specifying whether a control is displayed. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
GetControlCollection static Returns a collection of client web control objects. Inherited from ASPxClientControl.
GetDependencyData(key) Gets the dependency data.
GetFocusedTaskKey Gets the focused task’s key.
GetHeight Returns the control’s height. Inherited from ASPxClientControl.
GetMainElement Returns an HTML element that is the root of the control’s hierarchy. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
GetParentControl Returns a client instance of the control that is the parent for a specified control. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
GetResourceAssignmentData(key) Gets the resource assignment data.
GetResourceData(key) Gets the resource data.
GetTaskData(key) Gets the task data.
GetTaskResources(key) Gets resources assigned to a task.
GetVisible Returns a value specifying whether a control is displayed. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
GetVisibleDependencyKeys Gets the keys of the visible dependencies.
GetVisibleResourceAssignmentKeys Gets the keys of the visible resource assignments.
GetVisibleResourceKeys Gets the keys of the visible resources.
GetVisibleTaskKeys Gets the keys of the visible tasks.
GetWidth Returns the control’s width. Inherited from ASPxClientControl.
InCallback Returns a value that determines whether a callback request sent by a web control is being currently processed on the server side. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
InsertDependency(data) Inserts a new dependency.
InsertResource(data, taskKeys) Inserts a new resource.
InsertTask(data) Inserts a new task.
PerformCallback(args) Sends a callback to the server and raises the server-side CustomCallback event.
Refresh Reloads data from the data source and redraws the Gantt layout.
ScrollToDate(date) Scrolls the Gantt chart to the specified date.
SendMessageToAssistiveTechnology(message) Specifies the text that Assistive Technologies (screen readers or braille display, for example) will provide to a user. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
SetClientVisible(visible) Obsolete. Specifies whether a control is displayed. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
SetEndDateRange(endDate) Sets the end date of the date interval in the Gantt chart.
SetFocusedTaskKey(key) Sets the focused task.

Specifies the control’s height. Note that this method is not in effect for some controls.

Inherited from ASPxClientControl.
SetStartDateRange(startDate) Sets the start date of the date interval in the Gantt chart.
SetTaskTitlePosition(position) Sets the task’s title position.
SetViewType(viewType) Specifies the view type.
SetVisible(visible) Specifies whether a control is displayed. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
SetWidth(width) Specifies the control’s width in pixels. Inherited from ASPxClientControl.
ShowDependencies(value) Shows or hides task dependencies.
ShowResourceManagerDialog Invokes the Resource Manager dialog.
ShowResources(value) Specifies whether the resources are visible in the Gantt.
ShowTaskDetailsDialog(taskKey) Invokes the Task Details dialog.
UnassignAllResourcesFromTask(taskKey) Unassigns resources from a task.
UnassignResourceFromTask(resourceKey, taskKey) Removes a resource from the task.
UpdateTask(key, data) Updates the task data.
ZoomIn Zooms in the Gantt chart.
ZoomOut Zooms out the Gantt chart.
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