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ImageSliderBehaviorSettings Properties

Provides behavior settings for ASPxImageSlider.
Name Description
AllowMouseWheel Gets or sets a value that specifies whether an end-user is able to slide images using the mouse wheel.
EnablePagingByClick Gets or sets a value indicating whether paging by click is enabled in the ASPxImageSlider.
EnablePagingGestures Gets or sets a value specifying whether an end-user can switch pages with a swipe gesture.
EnableVirtualPaging Specifies whether the virtual paging mode is enabled. Inherited from ImageSliderBehaviorSettingsBase.
ExtremeItemClickMode Gets or sets a value that specifies the response to clicks on the extreme item.
ImageLoadMode Gets or sets a value specifying the image loading mode for the ASPxImageSlider.
VirtualPagingItemsPerRequest Specifies the minimum number of items the Image Slider loads when an end-user clicks the navigation button. Inherited from ImageSliderBehaviorSettingsBase.
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