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ASPxFormLayout.FindItemOrGroupByPath(String) Method

Returns a layout item or layout group by its path.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.v18.2.dll


public LayoutItemBase FindItemOrGroupByPath(
    string path
Public Function FindItemOrGroupByPath(
    path As String
) As LayoutItemBase


Name Type Description
path String

A string value specifying the layout item or group path. It consists of layout item indexes separated by the '_' symbol.


Type Description

An LayoutItemBase object that is a layout item or layout group with the specified path.


Use the FindItemOrGroupByPath method to get an item or group by its path. The path consists of the item indexes (from the root-level item to item being sought) separated by the '_' symbol.

The code sample below returns a reference to the third item of the first group.

var layoutItem = exampleFormLayout.FindItemOrGroupByPath("0_2");

Dim layoutItem = exampleFormLayout.FindItemOrGroupByPath("0_2")
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