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Main Features

ASPxGaugeControl allows you to display gauges and digital dashboards in your web-based applications. Its key features are listed below:

  • A set of circular, linear (thermometer), and digital gauges allow you to imitate comprehensive dashboards, dials, thermometers, and LED displays.
  • Simulate simple indicators using state indicator gauges.
  • Display multiple scales within a single gauge.
  • Over 180 ready-to-use gauge presets.
  • Embed multiple gauges of the same or different types into one Gauge control, and consistently arrange them without overlap.
  • Manually construct gauges from basic units if none of the presets suits your needs.
  • Smooth gauge zoom. All gauges are based on scalable vector graphics, so they can be safely stretched or squeezed without any loss in quality.
  • Customize the appearance of most gauge elements.
  • Easy-to-use designer allows you to construct gauges in an intuitive manner.
  • Smart tags enable you to quickly access design-time tools.
  • Printing (the XtraPrinting Library).
  • Export to PDF, XLS, MHT, HTML and Image formats.
  • Support for IIS clustered web environment (also known as a Web Farm or Web Garden).