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Access to several operations may be restricted. You may find that you’re not able to perform the following operations due to restrictions applied by a developer and/or an application administrator:

  • to share the schedule time between two or more appointments.
  • to copy appointments.
  • to create new appointments.
  • to delete appointments.
  • to drag and drop appointments to another time slot or date.
  • to drag and drop appointments between resources.
  • to edit appointments.
  • to select more than one appointment simultaneously.
  • to change the time boundaries of appointments.
  • to invoke the appointment editing form.
  • to activate an inplace editor for an appointment.

When you drag an appointment to relocate it, it may come into conflict with another, by sharing the same time interval or resource. If conflicts are forbidden, then an attempt to move the appointment fails, and it is restored to its previous position.