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Understanding Series and Series Views

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This topic provides general information about a chart’s series, and their available view types.

A series is a collection of data points that is not displayed until at least one point is specified. For example, the following image demonstrates two separate Line series, and the underlying data they represent.


Series are contained in the WebChartControl.Series collection. The chart and the chart’s diagram are empty until there is at least one visible series within it. To learn how to create series, refer to the following help topic: Manually Create a Series.

The ASP.NET Chart Control supports numerous chart types (some of which are shown in the following image). The view type determines both the series image and its available set of options. For a list of available series view types, refer to the following help topic: Series Views.


The view type of the first visible series in a chart’s collection determines the chart’s diagram type, meaning that all other series should have a compatible view type, so that they can be plotted together in the same chart control. For information on series compatibility, refer to the following help topic: Combining Different Series Views.

The following image illustrates how a similar set of series views appears in charts with different diagram types (XY-Diagram and XY-Diagram 3D).


For more information on series views, see the following help topic: Series Views Overview.

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