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Filter Vertical Grid Data in Code

To apply a filter to ASPxVerticalGrid, specify the filter expression and assign it to the ASPxGridBase.FilterExpression property that allows you to provide complex filter criteria (filter data by multiple rows).

VerticalGrid.FilterExpression = "[Country] = 'USA' AND [Quantity] < 15";
VerticalGrid.SettingsText.Title = VerticalGrid.FilterExpression;
//An example on how to filter by dates
DateTime date1 = new DateTime(1996, 12, 1);
DateTime date2 = new DateTime(1996, 12, 31);
string filter = String.Format("[OrderDate] > #{0}# And [OrderDate] < #{1}#", date1.ToShortDateString(), date2.ToShortDateString());
VerticalGrid.FilterExpression = filter;

Setting the ASPxGridBase.FilterExpression property to an empty string clears the filter expression applied to the ASPxVerticalGrid.

ASPxVerticalGridView1.FilterExpression = String.Empty;