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ActionId Variable

Lists values that identify the Document Viewer’s toolbar commands.


export const ActionId: {
    Design: string;
    FirstPage: string;
    PrevPage: string;
    Pagination: string;
    NextPage: string;
    LastPage: string;
    MultipageToggle: string;
    HighlightEditingFields: string;
    ZoomOut: string;
    ZoomSelector: string;
    ZoomIn: string;
    Print: string;
    PrintPage: string;
    ExportTo: string;
    Search: string;
    FullScreen: string;


Name Type Description
Design string

The Designer toolbar button.

ExportTo string

The Export To toolbar button.

FirstPage string

The First Page toolbar button.

FullScreen string

The Full Screen toolbar button.

HighlightEditingFields string

The Highlight Editing Fields toolbar button.

LastPage string

The Last Page toolbar button.

MultipageToggle string

The Toggle Multipage Mode toolbar button.

NextPage string

The Next Page toolbar button.

Pagination string

The drop-down list that navigates to the selected page.

PrevPage string

The Previous Page toolbar button.

Print string

The Print toolbar button.

PrintPage string

The Print Page toolbar button.

Search string

The Search toolbar button.

ZoomIn string

The Zoom In toolbar button.

ZoomOut string

The Zoom Out toolbar button.

ZoomSelector string

The drop-down list with available zoom factors.