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DevExpress.Reporting.Viewer.Settings Module

Contains functions used to specify the Document Viewer settings.


Name Description
IMessageHandler An object that contains functions to process error, warning and informational messages.


Name Description
AsyncExportApproach Allows you to export documents asynchronously.
EditablePreviewEnabled Enables the Highlight Editing Fields action.
HandlerUri Specifies the URI to handle the Document Viewer requests.
MessageHandler Allows you to customize messages shown to the user.
MultipageScrollingThrottle Specifies the throttle value (in milliseconds) for page load requests when a user scrolls through a document. Takes effect when the Web Document Viewer operates in multi-page mode.
PollingDelay Specifies the wait time needed before a request about the document generation status is sent.
PreloadedPagesOffset Specifies the number of pages to be preloaded in the Web Document Viewer.
previewDefaultResolution Specifies the image resolution in the document preview.
ReportServerDownloadUri This property is used to connect to the Report Server. For internal use.
SearchAvailable Enables the Search action.
TimeOut Specifies the time after which the request for the document generation status times out.