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Create Popular Reports

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The following tutorials illustrate how to create basic reports:

The following tutorials describe how to display hierarchical data in your reports:

The tutorials listed below explain how to create invoice reports:

The tutorials listed below illustrate various layout options available for reports:

The following tutorials demonstrate interactive report features:


See the Provide Interactivity documentation section to learn about providing a drill-down and drill-through functionality to your reports.

See Use Report Parameters to learn how to customize reports by submitting parameter values in Print Preview.

The following tutorial provides an overview of the XRPivotGrid control:


See the Use Charts and Pivot Grids documentation section to learn more about using Pivot Grids and Charts in your reports.

Refer to the following tutorial to learn how to design a report by inheriting from another DevExpress report:

Refer to the following tutorial to learn how to use the XRBarCode control to add a QR Code with logo to your report: