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ISerializableObjectLayer Members

Defines essential members for object access layers created for units of work (or sessions) in distributed applications.


Name Description

When implemented by a class, indicates if an object layer can call the ISerializableObjectLayer.LoadCollectionObjects method to load collection properties.


Name Description
CommitObjects(XPDictionaryStub, XPObjectStubCollection, XPObjectStubCollection, LockingOption)

When implemented by a class, commits changes made to specified objects and returns information on modified objects.

CreateObjectType(String, String)

When implemented by a class, creates an XPObjectType record.

GetObjectsByKey(XPDictionaryStub, GetObjectStubsByKeyQuery[])

When implemented by a class, returns information on persistent objects retrieved from a data store using queries based on specified object types and key values.

LoadCollectionObjects(XPDictionaryStub, String, XPObjectStub)

When implemented by a class, loads a collection property using specified settings.

LoadObjects(XPDictionaryStub, ObjectStubsQuery[])

When implemented by a class, loads persistent objects using specified settings.


When implemented by a class, removes all objects marked for deletion.

SelectData(XPDictionaryStub, ObjectStubsQuery, CriteriaOperatorCollection, CriteriaOperatorCollection, CriteriaOperator)

When implemented by a class, retrieves object data from a session using specified query parameters.

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