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SeriesView.LegendPointPattern Property

Gets or sets a string which represents the pattern specifying the text to be displayed within legend items.

Namespace: DevExpress.UI.Xaml.Charts

Assembly: DevExpress.UI.Xaml.Charts.v19.2.dll


public string LegendPointPattern { get; set; }
Public Property LegendPointPattern As String

Property Value

Type Description

A String, which represents the pattern. The default value is Empty.


Use the LegendPointPattern property to define a pattern for displaying text by the legend. Various placeholders enclosed in braces correspond to the available display patterns. For example, a pair of placeholders specified together (e.g., {A} - {V}), will cause each data point to be represented by both its argument and value, separated by a hyphen.

A full list of available placeholders is detailed below.

Pattern Description
{A} Displays a series point argument.
{V} Displays series point values.
{VP} Displays series point values as percentages (for a Pie and Nested Donut series and Full-Stacked series).
{S} Displays the name of the series.
{G} Displays the name of a stacked group.

The LegendPointPattern property is in affect when the CartesianSeriesView.ColorEach property is set to true (for Cartesian charts).

Use the LegendPointPattern property directly for the Pie chart without specifying the ColorEach property (this property is enabled by default).

Before specifying the {S} placeholder for a series, make sure a series name is specified in the Series.DisplayName property.


The following example demonstrates how to create a simple Pie Chart with one series.


    <Grid Background="{StaticResource ApplicationPageBackgroundThemeBrush}">

        <Charts:PieChart Margin="50" ToolTipEnabled="True">
                    <Charts:PieSeriesView LegendPointPattern="{}{A}"/>
                        <Charts:DataPoint Argument="USA" Value="9.63142" />
                        <Charts:DataPoint Argument="Canada" Value="9.98467" />
                        <Charts:DataPoint Argument="Russia" Value="17.0752" />
                        <Charts:DataPoint Argument="Others" Value="81.2" />
                        <Charts:DataPoint Argument="India" Value="3.28759" />
                        <Charts:DataPoint Argument="Australia" Value="7.68685" />
                        <Charts:DataPoint Argument="Brazil" Value="8.511965" />
                        <Charts:DataPoint Argument="China" Value="9.59696" />
                <Charts:Legend MaximumRowsOrColumns="4"/>
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