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CustomSummaryEventArgs.GetGroupSummary(Int32, Object) Method

Returns the value of the specified group summary for the specified group row.

Namespace: DevExpress.Data

Assembly: DevExpress.Core.v19.1.dll


public object GetGroupSummary(
    int groupRowHandle,
    object summaryItem
Public Function GetGroupSummary(
    groupRowHandle As Integer,
    summaryItem As Object
) As Object


Name Type Description
groupRowHandle Int32

An integer that specifies a group row's handle.

summaryItem Object

An object representing the group summary item.


Type Description

The specified group summary's value.


This method allows you to return group summary values for the summaries that have already been calculated. You can call this method when the CustomSummaryEventArgs.SummaryProcess property returns CustomSummaryProcess.Finalize.

Group summaries are calculated in the order in which they have been specified. For instance, in the Grid Control, group summaries are calculated in the order specified by the position of the corresponding items in the GridControl.GroupSummary collection. If the CustomSummaryCalculate event is currently firing, say, for a third summary item, the GetGroupSummary method can be called to retrieve summary values for the first and second summary items, as they have already been calculated.

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