Help Pane

Help Pane is represented by the HelpPane class. It is located on the top-right side above the Ribbon Tabs content. The Help Pane is shown regardless of what Ribbon Tab is currently selected.

Ribbon Help Pane

You can use regular, radio and toggle buttons within a Help Pane. The Icon property specifies the icon displayed by the button. The Content property specifies the button tooltip. There are two ways of specifying which actions a button item will perform - using the Click or Tapped event or attaching an ICommand object to a button via the Command property.

To attach a Help Pane to a RibbonControl, assign a HelpPane instance to the RibbonControl.HelpPane property. See the example below.

            <Ribbon:HelpPaneButton Content="Save Changes" Command="{Binding SaveChangesCommand}">
                    <SymbolIcon Symbol="Save" />
            <Ribbon:HelpPaneToggleButton Content="Toggle Edit Mode" Command="{Binding ToggleEditModeCommand}">
                    <SymbolIcon Symbol="Save" />