SVG Icon

The SvgIcon control allows you to display SVG images in your applications.

SVG Icon

Specify the image source using the SvgIcon.Source property. The SvgIcon.IconStretch property allows you to specify how the image is resized to fill its allocated space.

Supported SVG elements

  • Rectangle <rect>
  • Circle <circle>
  • Ellipse <ellipse>
  • Line <line>
  • Polyline <polyline>
  • Polygon <polygon>
  • Path <path>
  • The ‘transform’ attribute
  • The ‘style’ attribute
  • The ‘opacity’ attribute

Supported stroke and fill properties:

  • stroke
  • stroke-width
  • fill

The stroke and stroke-width properties can be applied to any kind of lines and outlines of elements.


The following SVG elements are currently not supported.

  • Size in millimeters and other units except pixels
  • The ‘text’ element