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Page Setup Dialog Window

The Page Setup dialog window provides access to the line jump options and allows end-users to change the page size, orientation and margins.

In code, the dialog window can be invoked by executing the DiagramCommandsBase.SetPageParametersCommand. The command's parameter specifies which tab is displayed by default.

End-users can invoke it by clicking a page_setup_button button at the bottom right corner of the Page Setup and Layout ribbon groups.

Diagram Page Setup buttons

The DiagramControl.MeasureUnit specifies the unit of measurement displayed in UI. Set the DiagramControl.ShowMeasureUnit property to true to display the unit of measurement in the Page Setup dialog window.

The dialog window contains two tabs.

page-setup-1 page-setup-2

Page Size

To hide the tab, set the DiagramControl.AllowChangePageParameters property to false.

Option Corresponding Property
Pre-defined size/Custom size DiagramControl.PageSize
Page orientation DiagramDesignerControl.PageOrientation
Page margin DiagramControl.PageMargin

Layout and Routing

To hide the tab, set the DiagramControl.AllowChangeLineJumpSettings property to false.

Option Corresponding Property
Add line jumps to DiagramControl.LineJumpPlacement
Line jump style DiagramControl.LineJumpStyle
Line jump height/Line jump width DiagramControl.LineJumpSize