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Manage Packages Using Dotnet CLI

The dotnet CLI (command line interface) is a cross-platform tool allowing you to create and manage .Net application projects. You can use the dotnet CLI to install or remove NuGet packages.

Below is an example of console inputs for dotnet CLI commands related to managing packages.


You need to specify the -s key with the feed URL containing your feed authorization key to install packages from the DevExpress NuGet feed. Refer to Obtain Your NuGet Feed URL for details on how to obtain this URL.

# Add DevExtreme.AspNet.Core to the current project
# Use the -s key to specify the package source (for example, the DevExpress NuGet feed)
dotnet add package DevExtreme.AspNet.Core -s https://nuget.devexpress.com/{your-feed-authorization-key}/api  -s https://api.nuget.org/v3/index.json

# Remove the DevExtreme.AspNet.Core package
dotnet remove package DevExtreme.AspNet.Core

# Automatically install all the dependencies in the project file 
dotnet restore

Refer to the Install and use a package using the dotnet CLI topic (Microsoft Documentation) for more information on package installation using the dotnet CLI.