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Integrate NuGet to Popular Continuous Integration Systems

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This topic describes how to integrate an application with DevExpress controls into Azure DevOps, JFrog Artifactory, and Nexus OSS continuous integration (CI/CD) systems.

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps does not support custom upstream NuGet sources. Use the NuGet.config file to configure the system.

  1. Obtain your NuGet feed URL.
  2. Add the NuGet.config file next to the .sln file in your project.
  3. Add a package source with your DevExpress NuGet feed URL to the NuGet.config file.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <add key="nuget.org" value="https://api.nuget.org/v3/index.json" protocolVersion="3" />
    <add key="DevExpress Nuget server" value="https://nuget.devexpress.com/{Your feed authorization key}/api" />
  1. Add a new build pipeline.

  2. Add a new NuGet restore task to the pipeline and configure it to work with NuGet.config. You should specify the following settings:

    Settings Values
    Command restore
    Feeds to use Feeds in my NuGet.config
    Path to NuGet.config Path to your NuGet.config file

Azure NuGet Task

JFrog Artifactory

  1. Obtain your NuGet feed URL.

  2. Create a new remote repository in Artifactory with the following settings:

    Settings Values
    URL https://nuget.devexpress.com/{Your feed authorization key}/api
    NuGet Download Context Path package
    NuGet Feed Context Path <empty>
    NuGet v3 Feed URL <empty>

JFrog Repository

JFrog Artifactory creates a NuGet feed on the jFrog server.

Nexus OSS

  1. Obtain your NuGet feed URL.

  2. Create a new remote repository with the following settings.

    Settings Values
    Format nuget
    Type proxy
    Remote Storage https://nuget.devexpress.com/{Your feed authorization key}/api

Nexus OSS Repository

Nexus OSS creates a proxy URL feed with access to the DevExpress NuGet packages.