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Setup Visual Studio's NuGet Package Manager

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Register DevExpress NuGet Feed

You need to register the DevExpress NuGet feed as a package source to install DevExpress packages through NuGet.

  1. First, obtain your feed URL (which includes your NuGet authorization key) from nuget.devexpress.com as described in the Obtain Your NuGet Feed URL topic.
  2. Register the DevExpress NuGet feed as a package source in Visual Studio by invoking the Visual Studio Options dialog (Tools > Options). In the dialog, locate the Package Manager item and add the DevExpress Feed to the package source list as shown below.


Install Packages Using NuGet Package Manager

After registering the NuGet Feed, you can install DevExpress NuGet packages using the NuGet Package Manager:

  1. In the Solution Explorer, right-click the project and select Manage NuGet Packages in the invoked drop-down menu.
  2. Select the DevExpress NuGet feed as a package source.


  3. Locate the package in the list of available packages or use the embedded search.


    You should enable the Include prerelease option to display specific DevExpress packages that are available as a CTP version.

  4. Click Install next to the package name to install the package.


Use Package Manager Console

You can also use the Package Manager console (invoked by the Tools > NuGet Package Manager > Package Manager Console command) to find, install or update packages. Specify the DevExpress NuGet feed as a package source using the Package source drop-down list or using the -Source key in the console input.


The sample below illustrates different console inputs which allow you to manage NuGet packages.

# View all packages whose names contain the keyword "web"
PM> Find-Package web

# Add the DevExpress.Web package and its dependencies to the current project
PM> Install-Package DevExpress.Web

# Remove the DevExpress.Web package and all its dependencies unused by other packages
PM> Uninstall-Package DevExpress.Web -RemoveDependencies 

# Update all packages in the solution
PM> Update-Package

# Update the DevExpress.Web package
PM> Update-Package DevExpress.Web

Refer to the Package Manager Console topic (Microsoft documentation) to learn more.