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BindingPanelExtensionOptions Interface

Provides options for customizing the ViewerApiExtension.


export interface BindingPanelExtensionOptions


See the following topic for information on how to use the DashboardControl’s client-side API: Extensions Overview


onCustomizeDataItemContainerSections Property

A handler for the event that allows you to customize the data item menu‘s sections that correspond to the data item containers.


onCustomizeDataItemContainerSections?: (args: DevExpress.Dashboard.Designer.CustomizeDataItemContainerSectionsEventArgs) => void

Property Value

Type Description
(args: CustomizeDataItemContainerSectionsEventArgs) => void

A function that is executed before the data item menu is rendered.


The following code adds a new section to the data item container’s menu if the Chart’s type is Line. Handle the onCustomizeDataItemContainerSections event and use the CustomizeSectionsEventArgs.addSection method to add a new section.

var Model = DevExpress.Dashboard.Model;

const lineTypeProperty = {
    ownerType: Model.SimpleSeries,
    propertyName: "LineTypeProperty",
    defaultValue: "solid",
    valueType: 'string'

// ...
function onCustomizeDataItemContainerSections(args) {
    var simpleSeries = args.dataItemContainer;
    if (simpleSeries instanceof Model.SimpleSeries
        && ['Line', 'FullStackedLine', 'StackedLine', 'StepLine', 'Spline'].indexOf(simpleSeries.seriesType()) !== -1
    ) {
            title: "Line Options (Custom)",
            items: [
                    dataField: lineWidthProperty.propertyName,
                    editorType: "dxNumberBox",
                    lable: {
                        text: 'Line Width'
                    editorOptions: {
                        showSpinButtons: true,
                        format: '0#',
                        min: 1,
                        max: 10
                    dataField: lineTypeProperty.propertyName,
                    editorType: "dxSelectBox",
                    label: {
                        text: 'Line style'
                    editorOptions: {
                        valueExpr: 'value',
                        displayExpr: 'text',
                        dataSource: [
                            { value: 'solid', text: "Solid Line" },
                            { value: 'dash', text: "Dashed Line" },
                            { value: 'dot', text: "Dotted Line" },
                            { value: 'longDash', text: "Long-dashed Line" },
                            { value: 'dashdot', text: "Dash-dotted Line" }