ExtractDataSourceUIHelper.EditExtractOptions<TModel>(DashboardExtractDataSource, EditExtractOptionsContext, Action<IWizardCustomization<TModel>>) Method

Runs the Data Source Wizard for the Extract Data Source.

Namespace: DevExpress.DashboardWin

Assembly: DevExpress.Dashboard.v18.2.Win.dll


public static bool EditExtractOptions<TModel>(
    this DashboardExtractDataSource dataSource,
    EditExtractOptionsContext context,
    Action<IWizardCustomization<TModel>> CustomizeDataSourceWizard
    where TModel : class, IExtractDataSourceModel, new()
Public Shared Function EditExtractOptions(Of TModel As {Class, IExtractDataSourceModel, New})(
    dataSource As DashboardExtractDataSource,
    context As EditExtractOptionsContext,
    CustomizeDataSourceWizard As Action(Of IWizardCustomization(Of TModel))
) As Boolean


Type Name Description
DashboardExtractDataSource dataSource

The Extract Data Source to edit by the Wizard.

EditExtractOptionsContext context

Provides access to objects, values and services required to run the Wizard.

Action<IWizardCustomization<TModel>> CustomizeDataSourceWizard

An action that customizes the Wizard before it is run.


Type Description

True, if the data source is successfully modified; otherwise, false.

Type Parameters

Name Description

A DevExpress.DataAccess.Wizard.Model.DataSourceModel type that is the data source type.

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